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The Sovereign State of Winneconne

Umpteenth Annual Sov. St. Days

Coed Quads Beach Volleyball Tournament

When: Saturday July 22th after the parade, registration at 10:00 AM, games start by noon.


Where: Marble Park near the beach house and Woodeye's Bar & Grill


To register please contact:

Paul Giddings @ (920)267-0292 OR






Tournament Format: Round robin pools with a Single Elimination Playoff.


Roster: Roster maximum of 6 players for Quads. Subs need to be set prior to start of tournament.


Scoring: Rally Scoring for all games. Switching sides every 10 points.


Pool Play – 2 games to 21 (cap at 25).


Playoffs - Best 2 out of 3 games.


The first two games will be to 21 (no cap) and the third to 15 (no cap). Serve, side or receive will be called (rock/paper/scissors to decide) on first and third games. The second game will be an alternate serve and side.


Tips: No open hand tips.


Double Contact: Players may slightly double contact any hard-driven ball provided the ball is not held, lifted, or thrown. No setting the serve. Sets need to be clean.


Let Serves: Let Serves ARE legal.


Blocking: A block is not counted as a team hit.


Foot Digs: Foot Digs are legal, except on a serve.


Girl Rule: If a team has multiple contacts, one of the contacts must be made by a female player.


Hand Set Over: When the ball is intentionally set into the opponents’ court, the setter’s shoulders must be "Squared Up" or Perpendicular to the line of flight of the ball.


Time Outs: Each team is allowed one timeout per game. Time out may be called prior to server receiving ball on either side of court between plays. Play will stop whenever a player is injured; this will not count as a team’s time out.


Participation is at your own risk.

All players must be at least 18 years old.


$50 per team- pay before play.




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